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Why did we choose this plot of land for our project?
  • The plot is situated a 500 meters from the sea strip and the beach;
  • 100 meters from the biggest golf course in Bulgaria, in the village Topola and 1.5 km away from the second golf course which is building in the region;
  • The landscape is to the sea (wonderful sea panorama) and to the forest massif in the west;
  • Only 800 meters away there is located a mineral spring, around which starts the building of scale tourist center;
  • 3 km away is located the biggest SPA center in the region;
  • The plot of land is 2.0 km away from a diving school which opened this summer;
  • The price of the land which we managed to get is only 40 euros/sq.m.;
  • To finance the whole project we will need to sell just 50 % of the houses, due to the huge margin between our building cost and the average selling one;
  • We are confident that we will be able to sell very easy those 50% of the villas in order to cover our building costs, partly due to the fact that the owners of the golf courses, which is next to us, managed to sell off plan 85% of their houses 5 months before the completion date;
  • There is an increase of 130% in the number of British tourists for the last summer comparing to the previous year;
  • The number of the British people who are buying houses in the region is consistently increasing for the last 2 years.

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