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Property type:

”правление на имоти

            At concluding an agreement for manage and rent of estate, we from Temis Consulting offer following services:

-         primery consultation

-         constant advertising and view of estate

-         estate rent and juridical security of the deal

-         finding the most suitable house- holdersfor estat

-         constant work load for rent property

-         keeping of given deposit on rent contract

-         strictly watching for execution of all contract clauses and including payment in time for rent and needed materials

-         realizing of control over the condition of estate

-         making of basic repairs needed in hired estate which are obligation of landlord

-         co-ordination of activities connected with projects for inner reconstruction, interior design and furnishing

-         property insurance

-         representing of owner before all institution, oraganizations and utility company 

-         representing of owner before general meeting of building in which is estate

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