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Asset managers eye setting up boutique funds in Bulgaria

Asset managing companies operating on the Bulgarian market will seek permission to set up boutique mutual funds targeted at a limited number of deep-pocketed investors, the online English edition of the Dnevnik daily informs. The investment will be parked in riskier assets such as derivatives with the aim to achieve higher yield but also greater danger of loss. Legislative amendments proposed by the Bulgarian Association of Asset Management Companies (BAAMC) obtained by Dnevnik see boutique schemes attracting investment from no more than 100 people. Eligible investors must have BGN 1 million in assets. Despite the crisis, industry representatives say there are enough wealthy people in Bulgaria to meet the requirements for joining such schemes. Asset managers also propose that the funds should not be traded on the stock market in Bulgaria or any other EU country. Boutique schemes will be also overseen by the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) but control should be much looser and they will bear much higher risk. Furthermore, they will not be required to issue prospectuses approved by the regulator and post data at much less frequent intervals. Boutique funds will be allowed to borrow more cash for specified purposes and invest in derivatives such as options, futures, forwards, swaps and commodities to hedge risk. Conventional contractual funds and investment companies in Bulgaria can only invest in a limited number o assets.

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  • 04.03.2010
    Quicken interest towards vacation properties on Black Sea

  • 24.02.2010
    Asset managers eye setting up boutique funds in Bulgaria

  • 22.02.2010
    Banks to finance rural development projects

  • 04.02.2010
    Foreign banks return on Bulgarian deposit market

  • 05.01.2010
    Economic recovery in Bulgaria could be expected in autumn of 2010: economist

  • 18.12.2009
    550,000 foreign tourists expected to visit Bulgaria next months

  • 15.12.2009
    Bulgaria to close the year with the best fiscal result in European Union

  • 10.12.2009
    Banks ready to negotiate bonds for construction companies

  • 08.12.2009
    PM Boyko Borisov will open the Eight Round Table discussion

  • 16.11.2009
    Bulgaria is getting to become leader in investments of wind energy in Europe

  • 16.11.2009
    Sofia is among the most favorable cities for investment

  • 16.11.2009
    Foreign banks doing business in Bulgaria account for a slump in profits

  • 13.11.2009
    We expect 45 hundreds more tourists during the winter season

  • 11.11.2009
    Foreign investments are getting raised thrice more than expectation

  • 10.11.2009
    Banks lend up to 80% of the real property price

  • 09.11.2009
    Bulgaria ponders second global bond issuance

  • 05.11.2009
    The Bulgarian economy is going to restore during the second half of 2010

  • 03.11.2009
    Luxurious real estates continue to buy

  • 30.10.2009
    Bulgarias real estates are getting more attractive for the Russians

  • 26.10.2009
    45 % growth of the real estates deals

  • 23.10.2009
    Real estate prices in Sofia plunged

  • 22.10.2009
    Dubais real estates company treaded in Bulgaria

  • 20.10.2009
    BNB releases a golden commemorative coin

  • 07.10.2009
    The prices of the real estates become stable

  • 05.10.2009
    International employment conference to take place in Sofia

  • 02.10.2009
    Bulgarians increase their savings

  • 29.09.2009
    Deposits were most profitable in Bulgaria

  • 28.09.2009
    Foreign investors will return at capital market in Bulgaria

  • 24.09.2009
    Bulgaria is among the most preferable property destinations from Russians

  • 18.09.2009
    Biggest consumer protection forum to be held in Sofia

  • 17.09.2009
    Bulgaria could be the first country in the region to get out of crisis

  • 16.09.2009
    Bulgarian government makes optimum for investments climate

  • 14.09.2009
    I suppose we will get out of the crisis until spring: financial minister

  • 10.09.2009
    August was a huge success for mutual funds

  • 03.09.2009
    Double deals and movement on the rents market in august

  • 01.09.2009
    Bulgarian and Serbian hotel keepers to work together for tourism development

  • 14.08.2009
    Holiday in Bulgaria can bring tax relief

  • 10.08.2009
    Bulgaria is number 1 for sale-trade among the Russians

  • 04.08.2009
    Bulgaria- a possibility for investments in circumstances of crisis

  • 30.07.2009
    Bulgaria is among the top 10 of tourist destinations

  • 22.07.2009
    The holiday in Bulgaria is the real sensation for the season for Russian

  • 16.07.2009
    There are positive grounds for starting funding under SAPARD

  • 15.07.2009
    Banks want results of the investigation

  • 07.07.2009
    The new government should stabilize the economy

  • 02.07.2009
    New investment bank in the making

  • 30.06.2009
    Bulgaria is second most attractive investment location in the world

  • 26.06.2009
    Bulgaria is liked by 12, 50 % of the foreign investors

  • 26.06.2009
    Bulgaria reveals repurchase of over USD 200 million global bonds

  • 23.06.2009
    Banks in Bulgaria are stable

  • 22.06.2009
    Economic crisis has its advantages

  • 19.06.2009
    EC release 1.5 bln EUR for Bulgarian roads

  • 18.06.2009
    The Bulgarians are the most educated Europeans in USA

  • 17.06.2009
    Demand for housing loans on the rise

  • 16.06.2009
    BACB named Bulgarias most effective bank

  • 15.06.2009
    Prof. Philip Kotler to explain in Sofia how to win from the crisis

  • 12.06.2009
    The most influential European banker comes to Bulgaria

  • 11.06.2009
    Bulgargaz offers 33% cheaper natural gas

  • 29.05.2009
    The Bulgarian real estates are appetizing for a long term investments

  • 28.05.2009
    Brokers report on growth of real estates sale

  • 27.05.2009
    EIF grants 200 million euro to the business in Bulgaria

  • 25.05.2009
    World Bank presents a report on forest management in Bulgaria

  • 22.05.2009
    The Bulgarian prime minister Sergei Stanishev will open the 2-day International economic forum Struma in Blagoevgrad, informed

  • 21.05.2009
    Bulgaria among the most attractive places for outsourcing

  • 20.05.2009
    400 M euro to be invested in Burgas & Varna airports

  • 20.05.2009
    130 years Bulgarian national bank silver coin released

  • 19.05.2009
    Our economy has developed in spite of crisis

  • 19.05.2009
    Bulgaria is second in the world on attractiveness for investments in production

  • 18.05.2009
    Growth of industry production in Bulgaria

  • 18.05.2009
    The flight of economy down stopped

  • 18.05.2009
    We are going out of crisis

  • 18.05.2009
    Earnings has increased with 9% per month

  • 16.05.2009
    $ 200 million loan gives the World Bank to Bulgaria

  • 11.05.2009
    Donald Trump: Buy real estates

  • 11.05.2009
    Bulgaria is among most preferable tourists destination for Romanians

  • 11.05.2009
    Real estate business in Bulgaria recovers

  • 30.04.2009
    Eurostat: The biggest growth of building is in Bulgaria

  • 29.04.2009
    Bulgarian Academy of Science: We stand the crisis easily for the present

  • 28.04.2009
    The crisis increased the confidence in banks and currency board

  • 28.04.2009
    They discuss the effect of the economic crisis on real estates market

  • 24.02.2009
    Office areas in Sofia are still among the first places in profitability in EU

  • 05.02.2009
    Bulgaria has future as a place for alternative energy

  • 16.01.2009
    The restitution of land for educational purpose is prohibited

  • 09.01.2009
    2008 - the demand for renting a store in Sofia stayed stable

  • 07.01.2009
    Certifying a building as passive

  • 07.01.2009
    rating criteria for the sustainability of buildings

  • 07.01.2009
    The second National Palace of Culture will be built

  • 07.01.2009
    certificate for power effectiveness is not needed anymore

  • 07.01.2009
    The Bulgarian agrarian land market - active during 2008

  • 18.12.2008
    100 million for a wind park around Kavarna

  • 18.12.2008
    AES-Geo Energy the new project for building up a windpark around Kavarna

  • 11.12.2008
    Asking prices of offices in euro per sq m (September)

  • 11.12.2008
    Asking prices of industrial real estate in euro per sq m(september)

  • 05.12.2008
    The project for amendment of the Spatial Development Act will be put forward for discussion in plenary hall

  • 13.11.2008
    Water steps back from sun and wind

  • 10.11.2008
    The financial crisis wont reflect on the real estates around Kavarna

  • 10.10.2008
    The investments in green energy will reach 500 million

  • 06.03.2008
    Golf projects grow up the value of land

  • 01.11.2007
    60% from the license for building in Bulgaria are for houses

  • 31.10.2007
    Romania and Bulgaria magnet for the investors

  • 04.10.2007
    Changes in th Labour Code

  • 21.09.2007

  • 21.09.2007

  • 21.09.2007
    12 641 2 .

  • 21.09.2007

  • 18.09.2007
    Bulgarian abroad more often buy houses with credits, drawn from other countries

  • 12.09.2007

  • 04.09.2007

  • 29.08.2007
    Estate searching is growing no matter of the high prices

  • 29.08.2007
    Hotel "Four Seasons" in Istanbul - the best in Europe

  • 21.08.2007
    Market of real estates on 2007.

  • 21.08.2007
    Vacation market is still in the beginning of its growth

  • 21.08.2007
    On the market of real estates on the Black sea...

  • 23.01.2007
    Golf courses sprout to rescue Black Sea coast investments

  • 23.01.2007
    Bulgaria will compete with Spain and Portugal in Golf Tourism

  • 06.12.2006
    KavarnaLand and AquaPark along the seacoast?

  • 05.12.2006
    630 000 Euro Project in Kavarna

  • 17.11.2006
    News About the North Coast region

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  • 04.03.2010
    Quicken interest towards vacation properties on Black Sea

  • 24.02.2010
    Asset managers eye setting up boutique funds in Bulgaria

  • 22.02.2010
    Banks to finance rural development projects

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