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The economical circumstances in Bulgaria, the development of real estate market, especially in its part for business property in previous years, inevitably leads service market to one very known in the West branch- property management.

            Precondition for growing necessity of this complex service basicallyis the fact that much more investors made a wallet by estates in different sizes ansd necessity of professional service.

The team which is responsible for such service must have specialists from different branches: lawyers, managers, accountants, etc. Temis Consulting has the needed types and number of experts and puts in practice the property management services for many of its clientsand for new clients too.

            Calmness received by our clients- owners is one of basic aims when the client has a presence of unconscientious and irregular householders or if the client is owner of more estates for rent.

            The service aims are reached by:

-         constant control

-         perfectly leading of attendant documentation

-         adequate rational decisions by side of manage team

-         juridical estimate of any situation and legal reaction thanks to lawyer specialists

-         f ull and accurate accountancy

-         right choice about service company and people ( cleaning, security, advertising, supplying,etc. )

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