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Stages of projects

Each project pass through some stages of the time of its realizing. The successful of the project depends on that whether it will fit with the necessary attention, competence and professionalism still in the beginning. Each stage is important and connected with the rest. The principles, which are set in the previous stage, determined the possibilities, with which the investor disposed in the future. The stages of more investment projects are:
-Stage of forming the idea for investment project
-Assignment of financial parameters and source of financing of separate stages.
-Elaboration of the law frame
-Stage of choice of suitable area
-Survey of the circumstances around the area;
-Buying an estate;
-Procedures about change the function of the land;
-Supplying with documents for building;
-Marketing research about searching and formation of conception about that, which will build;
-Entrust and elaboration of the preliminary design;
-Arguments with agencies, which will be directly booked with the sales and analyzing of the data;
-Entrust and elaboration of the architectural project;
-Prepare and presentation of the documents for publication license for build;
-Starting of the building;
-Starting of the sales (contracts with real estate agencies)
-Control over the process of sales
-Final of the deal;
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